Christmas card 2012… work in progress

Guns stink!

Lion vs Gingerbread

About the competition between Apple and Google

April 30th: Queensday in Holland

Don’t you know what queensday in Holland means? Basically, a lot of people celebrating their freedom in orange outfits in Amsterdam, drinking a lot of beer. So come on down in this ‘Burger Queen’ Queensday shirt. Boomerang chose my design to be part of their Queensday collection.

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Illustrations for Gemini / Kaseya

Under the hood of my company ‘Media Tijgers‘ I created these before/after illustrations for Gemini Design (the company where I started my ‘design career’), which they needed for their client Kaseya. All rights reserved!

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Concept: Iron Man / Heineken beer crossover

I decided to give the Heineken Captain America crossover a buddy. Iron Man would do fine since they’ll both star in the upcoming Avengers movie.

Concept: Captain America / Heineken beer crossover poster

After visiting the Heineken Experience in Amsterdam I came up with this idea. I just had to transform Captain America’s star to Heineken’s iconic red one. How awesome would it be if Heineken picked this up? Seeing Cap throwing the crown cork around in a commercial! “The ‘Cap’ is back”

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Cool cats

One of my illustrations on Dutch national television!

Thanks to Boomerang, my work was shown on one of the most populair dutch talkshows ‘Pauw & Witteman‘. This show is seen by an average of 1 million viewers on weekdays! The topic was ‘KLM (Royal dutch airlines) is backing Curacao space-flight venture’. Video here (illustration at 26:20).

Santa’s Secret